Currently, our research group collaborates with:

  • Prof. P. J. Walsh (Univ. of Pennsylvania). Use of phenyl sulfenate anion (PhSO) as an effective organocatalyst for the synthesis of highly valuable building blocks.
  • Prof. Dr. Lukas J. Goossen (Univ. of Bochum, Germany). Activation of inert CO bonds.
  • Prof. Dr. Giovanni Wilson Amarante (Univ. of Juiz de Fora, Juiz de Fora, Brazil). Development of new oxidation methodologies.
  • Prof. Dr. Miquel Costas (Univ. of Girona, Spain). Pyrrolidines as molecular scaffolds for design, synthesis, and applications of chiral ligands.
  • Prof. Dr. C. del Pozo (Univ. of Valencia, Spain). Efficient employment of the intramolecular catalytic asymmetric catalytic 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition methodology to access biologically relevant enantioenriched fluorinated polycyclic trifluoromethylated pyrrolidine derivatives.
  • Prof. Maria Ribagorda (Autonmous Univ. of Madrid, Spain). Photocatalyzed reactions.
  • Prof. Dr. J. M. Sansano (Univ. of Alicante, Spain). Design of new 1,3-dipolar
    cycloaddition reactions for the synthesis of chiral ligands.
  • Prof. Dr. J. M. Lasaletta (Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (CSIC-US), Spain).
    Atroposelective transformation of axially chiral (hetero)biaryls.